About Rider Glass Co.W.L.L

Rider Glass Co.W.L.L, is Qatar's leading glass, accessories, tools suppliers and distributor setting the benchmark in product quality, variety, price, and customer service. Rider Glass has been satisfying clients for more than 15+ years in Qatar.

Our product variety has expanded to provide customers with an even wider choice of quality products for residential, architectural, interior, decorative, speciality, and artistic uses. Wide assortment of colours and customization options make it even easier to make all your glass purchasing decisions from one supplier.


Our Values

For Rider Glass every project is a partnership and there are time critical targets to be jointly achieved. We try our best to respond with a detailed quotation as soon as we receive the RFQ. Cost estimation is done based on the products that will go to fabrication that exactly matches your technical requirements. The quote is provided to you has complete information such as cost and specification described in RFQ, validity of quote, delivery schedule, payment terms and other terms and conditions etc.

As soon as we receive the order confirmation and advance payment and the protypes are approved, we begin a comprehensive in house custom glass fabricating, precision machining and finishing services. The fabrication takes place in our modern production facility located in industrial area with help of state of the art machinery and latest technology available in the market. Rider glass believes that quality of our fabricated unit come out of the factory is what sets us apart from others. Each item that goes in to production line is checked and introduced to the line. We also have team of workers who focus on testing the fabricating unit chosen at random at the end of production line. Any deviation from from the specification is immediately notified and corrective actions are taken immediately. We understand and appreciate the importance of on-time delivery and always strive to meet the delivery time line provided at the start of the project. Once the fabrication is completed, the fabricated units are transported in vehicles equipped with special stands to carry the fabricated glass in levelled position. These units are secured to protect and avoid possible breakage during transportation. In addition to the random quality check, while loading the fabricated glass on vehicle, each unit is closely inspected to ensure that all units are as per specification before transporting them to our customers.

  • Our Goal
    At Rider, we give each customer personalized, professional, and dedicated service with one set of goals in mind; to achieve long-term stable business relationships built on trust and reliability.
  • Sale Support
    Rider Glass excels with 1st class sales support to all our clients. From order to delivery to after sales service, our devoted team of experienced sales professionals is always available to give prompt replies and service. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff ensures clients will have the smoothest glass purchasing experience possible. Our professionally trained production staff ensure our customer's glass is in perfect condition in which they required.
  • Quality Assurance
    Rider Glass ensures that our clients receive the exact high quality glass you want at the most competitive prices. Contact a Rider Glass representative today to find out how we can meet your particular glass specifications. at Rider Glass we are always at your service.

Our Customers